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My favourite digital marketing resources are digitalmarketer.com and the Search Engine Intelligence Agency. Ryan Diess the founder of digital marketer has written the most important digital marketing content piece that's freely available on the internet - in my opinion anyway :-). It's called Customer Value Optimization ("CVO").

I've taken a number of the digital marketer certifications, but definitely my favourite and the one I got the highest marks was the CVO certification.

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What CVO can do for your Business...

I used the CVO process to take my dad's kitchen business from 4 kitchen sales per month to 20 per month. Now I could tell you how I ranked his website #1 for his most important keyword or how I use Facebook ads to generate leads at less than $10 per lead. But really those are just parts of the CVO process.

CVO brings multiple parts together into a system that reduces risk and maximizes results. In terms of reducing risk for example, if Google decided to change their algorithm tomorrow, my dad's marketing would suffer a serious blow, but the system he has in place means he could quickly rely on other traffic sources to recover.

In terms of getting results, the CVO process is a way to systemize your marketing and to get consistent and scalable results. In my dad's case, the system consistently generates 20-30 leads per week. And I've used the system I created for kitchens to scale into bathrooms and to open new locations.

How I can Help with CVO...

Whatever business you own whether it's a local business, e-commerce store, affiliate site or something else the CVO process can help you build a system that generates consistent and scalable results.

On my product page you'll see that I offer an initial consultation to help you understand how CVO can be applied to your business.

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My Love Affair With SEO and How I Joined The Best Bunch of SEO's on the Planet

I admit I'm a SEO Geek... I've loved SEO since I first got hooked on it in the early 2000's.

But it took until 2016 to really connect into a community of like minded SEO’s.

In 2016, Dori Friend and Kyle Roof started the Search Engine Intelligence Agency.

To kick it off Kyle shared a video on how he determined the most important on page SEO factors using single variable testing.

I joined the SIA from the start and help Kyle run some of his tests.

2017 SIA Best SEO Influencer Ryan Hough

The Birth of Cora SEO Software

None of us in SIA where aware but one of our members was quietly building the most powerful search engine optimization software available today.

Ted Kubaitis just suddenly appeared one day and announced CORA SEO Software.

I'm not going to try and explain what CORA does here as I will dedicate a full post to explaining how CORA works and the incredibly insights it can give you.

cora seo software

How I Can Help with SEO

I started selling Cora reports on Fiverr in July 2018 and was amazed at the demand.

Since then I've received over 90 five star reviews.

If you're a digital marketing agency and you provide SEO services to your clients, CORA can provide the search engine intelligence that can help you dominate the competition.

On my products page you'll see that I offer CORA reports for dirt cheap.

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