November 6


CORA SEO Audit Tuning & Roadmap + CORA Tutorial & Sample Report

By Ryan Hough

November 6, 2018

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CORA SEO software is my #1 tool for doing page audits.

In 10-15 mins CORA gathers 60,000+ data points, for 550 SEO factors and uses 2 types of statistical analysis to determine which factors correlate the strongest for your search term. 

Forget about SEO forums and SEO gurus giving their dated opinions. CORA can answer any SEO question you have using a scientific approach rather than guesswork. 

Check out my CORA tutorial video below where I explain how CORA SEO Audit software works, talk through the CORA roadmap and explain the tuning required for my agency Adwords page.  

CORA Sample Report‚Äč

Sample CORA SEO report

How CORA SEO Software Works...

  • CORA calls the primary search query a Search Term
  • The terms that Google bold in their search results CORA calls Keywords or Match Words
  • Factors that say Keywords, for example Keywords in H1 tags mean any of the match words that Google bold in their search results
  • CORA uses 2 types of statistical analysis - Pearmans and Spearmans
  • Combines the correlation and ranks the strength of the correlation
  • Default strategy is practical maximum but there are other deficit strategies 
  • Your page's deficiencies are calculated and populated on the Roadmap tab

What to Do With Tuning and The Roadmap

  • The Roadmap has all the tuning or deficits that have been identified by CORA
  • You should start from the top and work you way down
  • Yellow highlights indicate factors that are theoretically easy to implement (based on Ted's judgment) 
  • Go back into the overview tab to check the data and do a sense check

Basic and Intermediate Tuning 

The basic and intermediate tuning tabs group similar factors together and give a score for each group of factors. 

These factors don't necessarily correlate and therefore you shouldn't start your audit based on these tabs. 

Ted built these tabs in case there wasn't many factors that correlate for your keyword. 

Top Words and Keywords Tabs

Top words gives the most used words for each site and highlights match words in yellow. 

The keyword tab gives keyword density within the HTML (called raw) and within the body tag (called clean). 

This isn't the industry definition of keyword density as Ted calculates density based on keyword matches rather than the traditional method of calculating keyword density based on the exact search phrase. 

CORA SEO Tutorial and Audit

I hope you have got some value out of watching my CORA SEO tutorial video. 

CORA really is a great tool to do SEO page audits as it finds factors that you may not necessarily consider. 

If you have any questions about CORA please email me or message me on facebook

Ryan Hough

About the author

Hi I'm Ryan Hough - I'm an On Page SEO Expert based in Perth, Western Australia. I'm passionate about SEO testing and getting SEO results based on case studies and testing. I've helped hundreds of clients with their on page SEO and dub myself the On Page SEO Guy.

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