October 22


Best SEO Tools: CORA SEO Software Review & Discount

By Ryan Hough

October 22, 2018

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CORA SEO Software is my go to tool for figuring out what's causing a page to rank. It analyses over 540 on and off page factors in 5-15 minutes and then outputs an excel file with a roadmap of your pages deficiencies. 

Since the analysis is all based on statistical correlation, from a scientific stand point CORA gives you answers based on science rather than guess work. 

In my opinion, CORA should be every SEO's go to tool for page audits. But I really do hope my competition never find out about CORA!

cora seo software review and discount

CORA SEO Software Review by Ryan Hough:

Ryan Hough Search Engine, Customer Value and Conversion Rate Optimisation

CORA SEO Discount

If you're looking for a CORA SEO discount code please message me on Facebook and I'll see what I can do:

Watch CORA SEO Software Review

CORA SEO Software Key Points

Here are some key points:

  • CORA 4 is a suite of SEO tools (more on that below)
  • CORA measures over 540 on-page and off-page factors and outputs the data into Excel
  • It works for your specific keyword and it looks at the top 100 results.
  • It's a monthly subscription of US$250 (I maybe able to get you a 25% discount - message me)
  • It works on both Windows and Mac

How Does CORA SEO Software Work?

This is how CORA SEO Software works

Here's how it works:

  1. Add your domain
  2. Choose whether you want desktop or mobile results.
  3. Choose your country (pretty much every country in the world is available)
  4. Choose your language (all the different languages are available).
  5. Add your search term and then you click search
  6. There is also an option to choose a city and to force a url into the top 100 results
  7. Click the Get Data button
  8. CORA visits all 100 pages and extracts all the HTML from each page
  9. It takes about 5-15 minutes to run an report
  10. Once done, CORA outputs an Excel file

There are also a few settings to choose from:

  • You can connect it to AHREFS, SEM Rush and DOM Detailer
  • You can choose different strategies (for example practical maximum or page 1 avg)
  • You can change LSI settings

What Do CORA Reports Show You?

CORA SEO Reports Road Map

The Roadmap

The key tab on a CORA report is the roadmap.

‚ÄčThis tells you what you need to improve. 

The factors that need improving are all ordered in terms of the strength of correlation. So it's best to start at the top of the list and work your way down.

Yellow highlighted factors are considered items you can implement right away.

CORA SEO Overview tab

The Overview

The Overview tab shows all the data.

  • ‚Äč It shows the two different types of statistical analysis and it ranks the strength of correlation.
  • It looks at the best of both by page, which is the highest correlation from either of the statistical methods.
  • It gives the page on average, the first three results, and then it hides the rest and it gives your results.
  • It hides all the factors that didn't correlate.
  • CORA default deficit strategy is practical maximum, and what that means is it's the top results in the first three results or the page on average.
  • The deficits transfer over to the roadmap page.
CORA Software Basic and Intermediate Tunings

Basic and Intermediate Tuning

There is a basic and intermediate tunings tab.

These tell you every single factor that you could improve. A lot of factors don't correlate so you wouldn't necessarily start on these basic and intermediate pages because there's a lot of stuff in here that's not correlating, so really you want to start at the roadmap and work your way down from the top down.

CORA SEO Software Charts


It also gives charts, if you prefer looking at visually what's happening. I don't really look at the charts very often so I won't comment on them.

SEO Report Top Words and Keyword Density

Top Words & Keyword Density

The next tab is the top words on the page. You can use this to compare your page with the top ranking pages to see if you're missing important words.

Then there's a tab on densities. The way this measures density is more on matches so matches are any of these match words that Google has bolded in this search result. So it's not the common industry measure of keyword density.

 It shows 2 types of densities - raw and clean. Clean is the density within your body tag and raw is density within the entire HTML.

LSI Keyword correlation with CORA SEO


Then there's an LSI tab. This is ordered in terms of the strength of correlation. It looks at all words so it will correlate words like of, the and etc. I tend to ignore theses words and focus instead on the words that are related to the topic.


Then it gives all the results and all the titles and meta-descriptions.

CORA 4 Software Review Conclusion:

CORA is very powerful software. It does work that would take you, I don't know, months and months of work to do manually. It crunches all the numbers in 15 minutes and then it gives you a roadmap with improvements to make, which is based on statistical analysis rather than guesswork. So yeah, I highly recommend CORA.

Ryan Hough Search Engine, Customer Value and Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Rest of CORA 4 Suite of Tools:

CORA 4 is now a suite of SEO tools. These tools are not just added extras that have no use. Each one is extremely useful and Ted could really sell them all individually. 


This handy tool let's you compare 2 CORA reports and see the changes in correlation, how much progress you have made and also the changes in positions of your competitors. 

CORA Trends

This handy tool let's you compare many CORA reports and it shows you what are the common correlations for the niche.

Correlate Anything

This handy tool let's you correlate any data. Want to know what Instgram uses to sort their search results? Easy with this tool! 

CORA Outreach

This is a handy tool for agencies as it lets you create a page for all the unique domains in each CORA report with a simple message telling the site owner what they need to improve.


This handy tool takes all the information in a CORA report and creates a perfectly optimized page with no deficiencies. 

CORA Keywords

This handy tool helps you build massive keyword lists. It has in built local cities and suburbs and so the keyword lists can be tailed around geographic locations. Very handy indeed.  

Ryan Hough

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