Cora Reports

Scientific SEO Data with the Exact Roadmap to Rank for Your Keywords

What is CORA SEO?

  • CORA takes the keyword you want to rank for and your url and then it gathers data on top 100 results
  • Processes the data using 2 types of statistical correlation and over 1000 factors
  • Works out your deficiencies compared to your competitors
  • Produces a roadmap of the exact things you need to improve


  • It gives you scientific based insights so you can make decisions based on data rather than guess work
  • It tells you what to focus on to improve your SEO
  • Reduces your costs by showing other things to focus on beside building backlinks (which are expensive and take the most time)
  • Shows you tricky things your competitors are getting up to

What I'm Offering?

Two options below:

Option 1:   If you're an experienced SEO and you've used CORA before or you're ok watching the official documentation on the CORA website then you can buy reports off me for US$5 per keyword

Option 2:  I will work through the CORA report and document the top 10 changes you should make in a google doc. I'll also do an explainer video and provide examples from your competition on what to improve.


Super- professional delivery with lots of detailed information to act upon. The delivery was very quick and exceeded our expectations. Thanks!

Ignacio Doncell 

CORA Videos


This was great - I got the reports and information I was looking for. Very timely. Thanks again!

Ellis Smith
CORA Reports


Excellent work and organized well. Thanks so much!

Sarah Woudin
CORA Optimization

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