Grow Your Business With Customer Value Optimization

What is Customer Value Optimization?

  • Digital marketing formula or strategy
  • Developed by Ryan Diess at Digital Marketer.com
  • Way to systemise digital marketing so that it becomes scalable and predictable
  • It doesn't rely on any specific form of digital marketing (like SEO or social media)
  • Designed to increase # of customers, increase how much they spend and how often they spend
  • CVO can be used for just about any business whether it's a local business, ecommerce store, affiliate business or even a charity
  • Digital marketer sell certifications and one of them is customer value optimization certification
  • Of all of their certifications this is the one I enjoyed the best and the one I got the highest score

Why Customer Value Optimization?

  • Way to make your marketing scalable and predictable and to reduce risk
  • I used customer value optimization on my dad's kitchen business to grow his sales from 4 to 20 per month
  • I've built a system that regularly gets 20-30 new kitchen leads per week
  • I've used the system to scale into new areas and to expand into bathrooms
  • It reduces the risk on relying on something like SEO - if your business is solely reliant on SEO for example then google could change their algorithm tomorrow and completely wipe you out
  • If you're not using a system like CVO your business will be leaving money on the table

What I'm Offering?

  • What I'm offering is to do a gap analysis for your business
  • Basically I'm going to figure out what you're missing in terms of CVO
    and to provide a plan to implement the CVO process into your marketing to make it more predictable and scalable
  • This will be an initial consultation that costs US$97
  • Once you have ordered, all I need is the url of your business to start my analysis
  • Once I'm finished with my analysis, I'll get in touch to setup a time to have a 30 min discussion on my findings
  • So to get started please click the buy now button below
Ryan Hough customer value optimization

Customer Value Optimization Consultation

How much free website traffic are you missing out on? 

I will show you at least 5 ways to get more free qualified traffic to your website:

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