December 23


#16 Position Jump Using Cora SEO Software

By Ryan Hough

December 23, 2018

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I'm pretty happy with a 16 position jump using CORA SEO Software.

On the 24th of November 2018, I used CORA SEO software to demonstrate how CORA can help improve rank. Check out my video to see what I did to get a 16 position ranking improvement.

Implementing CORA Recommendations: 

You'll notice in the video that I prepared a google doc that outlined 10 recommendations to make to the page. This is an example of what I prepare as part of my done for you CORA service which costs US$50

CORA SEO Software Results:

It took about 22 days to see a rank improvement from the work I did implementing the suggestions from the Google doc I share above. But I was very please to see my page jump from position #27 to position #11 on about the 16th of December 2018:

Ryan Hough

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Hi I'm Ryan Hough - I'm an On Page SEO Expert based in Perth, Western Australia. I'm passionate about SEO testing and getting SEO results based on case studies and testing. I've helped hundreds of clients with their on page SEO and dub myself the On Page SEO Guy.

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