Uncover Opportunities to Grow With In Depth Competitor Research

What is Competitor Analysis?

  • Figuring out how they get traffic to their website
  • Keywords competitors are ranking for in the search engines
  • Whether they're paying for ads (Google Adwords or Facebook)
  • Ad copy they're using and the landing pages they're sending traffic to
  • The way they're capturing leads, email follow up, small dollar purchases or time commitment
  • Whether they're using retargeting

Why Competitor Analysis?

  • Use competitors hard work to show you the way
  • Find overlooked opportunities
  • Find new ways to send traffic to your website
  • Ideas for new marketing strategies and ads
  • Opportunities to improve conversions get more leads

What I'm Offering?

  • Basically I offer a gap analysis - go through and investigate your competitors
  • This will be an initial consultation that costs US$97
  • Once you have ordered, all I need is the url of your business to start my analysis
  • Once I'm finished with my analysis, I'll get in touch to setup a time to have a 30 min discussion on my findings
  • So to get started please click the buy now button below
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Competitor Analysis Consultation

How much free website traffic are you missing out on? 

I will show you at least 5 ways to get more free qualified traffic to your website:

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